You’re thinking about the career options open to you after school and considering if university study is a viable pathway; so what is a degree and what or where can you study at a New Zealand University?

BCom, BA, BSC, BEd, BAS, BENG…A degree is a Level 7 qualification. But what exactly is a degree? Watch this simple video from Victoria University HERE to get the idea.

Where to start… it’s big and there are a lot of choices about where to do your degree (and we haven’t even mentioned degrees through Polytechnics yet!) Here are some tips that may help some of you get started;

  • Engineering – mainly Auckland or Canterbury (IT/Software engineering also at Victoria, AUT)
  • Medicine – Auckland or Otago
  • Architecture – Victoria or Auckland
  • Fine Arts – Auckland or Massey
  • Veterinary Science – Massey
  • Law – Canterbury, Otago, Victoria, Waikato, Auckland
  • Landscape Architecture – Lincoln, Auckland, Victoria
  • Dentistry – Otago (Oral Hygiene also at AUT)
  • Land/Ocean Surveying – Otago
  • I’ll add more when I think of them…

This site is one of my faves. If you want to get an overview of (nearly) all the subjects you could study in NZ and try a quiz look no further. Go to NO MAJOR DRAMA Take the quiz or browse university majors

Canterbury University have a short intro video and a tool to help you explore courses that relate to the subjects you enjoy at school. You can explore more HERE

Yes, we missed Otago University’s presentation. I’m waiting for them to send me something spectacular but in the meantime, you can check out their subjects and which degree they fit under HERE

Find a study option at Auckland University by browsing their programmes HERE

There are 8 universities in NZ. Here are some links to the other 4 universities; Waikato University Lincoln University Massey University Auckland University of Technology

Otago University Timeline

This will give you an idea of when things start happening – so you can see there is plenty of time to do your research and decide if a university education is really something you want to invest in for 2021.

  • 3–4 MAY Dunedin Tertiary Open Days (postponed). Observe the tertiary environment first-hand including Otago Polytechnic
  • MAY 2021 Undergraduate Prospectus delivered to schools. 1 JULY Entrance scholarship applications open.
  • AUGUST Liaison officers begin course planning visits to schools, assisting students with applications and course advice.
  • AUGUST Guide to Enrolment sent to schools.
  • 1 AUGUST Residential college applications open.
  • 15 AUGUST Closing dates for some 2021 entrance scholarships.
  • Refer to the website for scholarship closing dates.
  • 31 AUGUST Initial closing date for Teacher Education programmes.
  • Later applications accepted but may be waitlisted or declined.
  • 1 SEPTEMBER Closing date for Performance Music audition applications. Late applications may be considered.
  • 15 SEPTEMBER Closing date for applications for Bachelor of Dental Technology, Bachelor of Oral Health, Bachelor of Radiation Therapy. Online application only. Late applications may be considered.
  • 30 SEPTEMBER Recommended date for submission of residential college applications, online by end of business day (5pm). Confidential school references due by 15 September.
  • 31 OCTOBER Closing date for international student applications.
  • Late applications may be considered if received by 1 December. 31 OCTOBER Closing date for Hands-On At Otago applications.
  • 10 DECEMBER Closing date for 2021 first year applications, including Discretionary Entrance, Ad Eundem Statum Admission and Special Admission. Late applications will be considered.
  • 10 DECEMBER Closing date for Otago Summer School applications.

Next step; read up last years’ ‘scholarships explained