Tertiary Timeline

This will give you a general idea of when to start applying for tertiary courses and accommodation. A sample university timeline is below.

Double/Triple check dates with your preferred tertiary institution or career advisor.

  • MAY 2021 Undergraduate Prospectus delivered to schools.
  • 1 JULY Entrance scholarship applications open.
  • AUGUST Liaison officers begin course planning visits to schools, assisting students with applications and course advice.
  • AUGUST Guide to Enrolment sent to schools.
  • 1 AUGUST Residential college applications open.
  • 15 AUGUST Closing dates for some 2021 entrance scholarships.
  • Refer to the website for scholarship closing dates.
  • 31 AUGUST Initial closing date for Teacher Education programmes.
  • Later applications accepted but may be waitlisted or declined.
  • 1 SEPTEMBER Closing date for Performance Music audition applications. Auditions usually in September. Late applications may be considered.
  • 15 SEPTEMBER Closing date for applications for Bachelor of Dental Technology, Bachelor of Oral Health, Bachelor of Radiation Therapy. Online application only. Late applications may be considered.
  • 30 SEPTEMBER Recommended date for submission of residential college applications, online by end of the business day (5pm). Confidential school references (CCRF) due by 15 September; register HERE
  • 31 OCTOBER Closing date for international student applications.
  • Late applications may be considered if received by 1 December. 31 OCTOBER Closing date for Hands-On At Otago applications.
  • 10 DECEMBER Closing date for 2021 first-year applications, including Discretionary Entrance, Ad Eundem Statum Admission and Special Admission. Late applications will be considered.
  • 10 DECEMBER Closing date for Otago Summer School applications.

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