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MAC Careers

Welcome to the home site for your careers service. Subscribe to this site for regular updates of scholarships, work opportunities and visits to the school by people from all manner of industries.


Info from Mum, Alix; "It's for a regular 2x a week (weekday evenings for 1.5-2 hrs max) which 2days of the week can be negotiated/adjusted but nominally Monday and Wednesdays 7:30-9/9: 30 pm. It's for two boys 5 & 8 years. They would just need to do a little...

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Defence Careers

Useful websites to help you research careers in protection, security and defence;

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Travel Programmes

Here's a great place to start your research into a "gap" year involving travel. Maybe heading overseas appeals to you and you've heard great stories from oldies or ex-students about their experiences. Check out this handy website full...

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Year 13

All the information you need to thrive in your thirteenth year in school.


Liz is here to help in all aspects of your Students in the Community programme this year.


All the info you need in one place.


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